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Will Amidon Receives ACS PRF Research Grant

June 20, 2016

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. – Will Amidon, assistant professor of geology, has received an undergraduate research grant from American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund for a project titled Post-Rift Tectonism on Circum-Atlantic Margins.

The goal of his research is to study the history of geologically recent mountain uplift and erosion in the Northeastern U.S., where offshore sediment records suggest subtle tectonism occurred in the Late Cretaceous and Miocene periods.

This work should provide basic information on when modern topography in the Northeastern U.S. developed and data about the stratigraphic evolution of Atlantic-style passive margins where many petroleum bearing deposits are formed. Six Middlebury undergraduates will be working with Amidon on this project.

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Yay, Will! Congratulations.

by Ryan (not verified)