Peskin Delivers 1997 Robert van de Velde Memorial


This January, Bob Peskin, director of music ministries

at the Unity Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, delivered the 1997

Robert W. van de Velde, Jr. Memorial Lecture at Middlebury College.

Mr. Peskin, a former Middlebury resident, is known to many throughout

the area as the founder of The Fat Tones, an a-cappella trio,

and for his work as associate director of alumni affairs at the

College. The title of this year’s lecture was, “The Arts

in American Society: What We Have, What We’re at Risk of Losing,

and What You Can Do About It.”

After graduating from Princeton University in 1978,

Mr. Peskin came to Middlebury and worked as an announcer, program

director, and news director for Addison Broadcasting (WFAD-AM).

Before joining the Middlebury College staff, he was director of

marketing and album producer for Philo Records in North Ferrisburgh,

Vermont. Mr. Peskin moved to Minnesota in 1992.

Other professional work by Mr. Peskin includes arranging

vocal music for a-cappella ensembles, directing music for theatrical

productions, commercial voice-overs, and preparation of commercial

recordings for editing the Dale Warland Singers and the Houston

Symphony Orchestra. Additionally, for eight years Mr. Peskin was

advisor to the campus radio station, WRMC.

The Robert W. van de Velde, Jr. ‘75 Memorial Lecture

was established in 1981 by Mr. van de Velde’s parents, R.W. and

the late Barbara van de Velde, his widow, Diana Mooney van de

Velde, and other family members and friends. The series involves

an annual lecture dealing with public affairs and journalism,

particularly broadcast journalism. Previous speakers in the series

have included Frank Sesno ‘77, Cecil Forster ‘64, Robert Abernethy,

Governor Madeleine Kunin, Raymond Benson, Jane Bryant Quinn ‘60,

and E.D. Hirsch.