Middlebury College Construction Update: August 18, 1997

Residential Houses: Four residential houses are under construction
on the western edge of campus, to the south of Rte 125. Three
of the houses have foundations completed, with framing in progress,
and the fourth is still in foundation work. The road to the houses
is in the rough grade stage. December 1997 is the expected date
of completion and occupancy of three of the houses; the fourth
house should be ready in February of 1998. Each of the residences
will house about 30 students, and 90 new parking spaces provided.

Barr & Barr Builders, Inc., is the construction manager for
the project. Bread Loaf Construction is the contractor for two
of the houses, and Engelberth Construction is the contractor for
the other two. The estimated cost of the project is $13,500,000.

Bicentennial Hall: Ground has been broken for Middlebury
College’s Bicentennial Hall, a new home for the sciences which
will also include multi-discipline lecture halls and a small library.
Rough grading has been completed for the road to the building’s
site on the western edge of the campus and to the north of Rte
125. September 1999 is the expected completion date. Bicentennial
Hall will be 215,000 net square feet, and 100 new parking spaces
will be provided.

The contractor is Barr & Barr Builders, Inc. The estimated
cost of the project is $47,200,000.

College Street Construction: Improvements to College Street
(Rte 125) are under construction in order to enhance pedestrian
safety along the stretch of the road that runs through Middlebury
College campus on its way out of town toward Lake Champlain. By
October of 1997, additional lighting along the sidewalks will
be in place for improved visibility, and crossing neck-downs will
be completed to strongly identify crossing areas and encourage
vehicle traffic to pass at an appropriate speed. Twenty-four parking
spaces at the curb will be eliminated to provide drivers with
better visibility of pedestrian traffic, and particularly of anyone
who might step into the street to cross. Reduced parking at the
curb will also lessen the incidences of vehicles entering, exiting
or holding up the traffic flow.

Belden Co., Inc., is the contractor for the College Street construction
project. The estimated cost is $450,000.