National Coalition Building Institute’s Middlebury
College Chapter Moves Forward

Initiated in June 1998, the Middlebury College chapter
of the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) continues
to develop a core group of individuals on campus who are able
to train others in skills for prejudice reduction, inter-group
conflict resolution, and coalition building. NCBI is open to all
members of the Middlebury community-staff, faculty and students-and
strives to enhance the college experience through skill training
and the creation of effective venues for problem-sharing as a
first step to problem-solving.

Since the initial three-day Train the Trainers Workshop
led by members of the national NCBI affiliate last June, Middlebury
chapter members have continued to train themselves and others.
In September, Assistant Dean of Students David Donahue and Associate
Director of Student Activities Francy Magee led a Prejudice Reduction
Workshop for the residential life staff. Later in the fall, Middlebury
NCBI team members traveled to Maryland to participate in a three-day
retreat. To more effectively lead Middlebury’s efforts, Magee
joined Liane Barrera of the College’s Information Technology Services,
Professor Tom Beyer of the Russian department, and Associate Director
of Admissions Onis Cheathams to meet other NCBI teams to strengthen
leadership skills and develop meaningful connections with other
groups focused on similar efforts around the nation. In November,
Barrera, Beyer and Magee presented NCBI’s mission to Middlebury
College faculty, and demonstrated ways to address prejudice and
reduce its impact on campus.

Next January, the Middlebury chapter will offer two
more opportunities for people to become involved. On Friday, Jan.
15, a full-day Prejudice Reduction Workshop organized by Director
of Residential Life Kathy Ebner will be held in the Kirk Alumni
Center. Modeled on the September workshop for residential life
staff, the January session will be open to the entire College
community. To register, contact Karen White of the Residential
Life Office at 443-5386.

From Tuesday, Jan. 19-Thursday, Jan. 21 at the Kirk
Alumni Center, two NCBI leaders from the parent organization will
return to campus to again offer the three-day Train the Trainers
Workshop, which was successfully received on campus last June.
Nearly 40 members of the Middlebury College staff and faculty
attended the June session, and Middlebury’s current NCBI team
was formed from that original workshop. The goal of January’s
Train the Trainer Workshop is to provide the opportunity for students
as well as additional faculty and staff to participate in the
training session to continue to encourage a broad community of
coalition builders and NCBI workshop leaders on campus. To register,
contact the Student Activities Office at 443-3103.

For more information about NCBI activities, contact
Tom Beyer at 443-5536.