Middlebury College Dining Services
Nominated for Restaurants and Institutions Magazine’s Ivy Award

College is the Only 1999 Vermont

Middlebury College dining services
has been nominated to receive Restaurants and Institutions (R&I)
magazine’s Ivy Award, which honors foodservice establishments
for excellence.

Each year, past winners of the award
nominate eating establishments across the country for two categories—the
restaurant category and the institutional category. The latter
includes colleges, universities, and hospitals. Magazine readers
will vote on the winners using a ballot printed in R&I, which
will announce winners from each category sometime during the first
two weeks of March.

The College is the only 1999 Vermont

Peter Napolitano, director of dining
services at the College, said, “I feel very proud and honored
that Middlebury has been nominated for this award. It’s a reflection
of all the work dining services has done over the past one and
a half years.”

According to R&I, the 28-year-old
award is unique to the industry because only former recipients
can make nominations. The 1999 nominees range from such New York
City restaurants as Smith & Wollensky and The Four Seasons
in the restaurant category to Massachusetts General Hospital of
Boston and Stanford University of California in the institutional
category. Other university nominees are Michigan State University/Kellogg
Center, University of California at Los Angeles, and University
of Missouri.