Middlebury College Exec-in-Residence
Donald Axinn Presents Policy Leadership Seminar on Mar. 17

Public Invited to Attend “The
Creative Process: Its Application to Art, Science and Business”

On Wednesday, Mar. 17, at 4:30 p.m.
a policy leadership seminar titled “The Creative Process:
Its Application to Art, Science and Business” will be presented
by Middlebury College Executive-in-Residence Donald E. Axinn in
the library of the Geonomics Center on Hillcrest Road, off College
Street (Route 125). The event is free and open to the public.

Axinn, a 1951 graduate of Middlebury
College, is founder and chairman of the Donald E. Axinn Companies
which develop major office and industrial parks throughout the
New York Metropolitan area. A published novelist and a poet, some
of his works include “Spin” (1991); and “The Ego
Makers: A Novel” (1998). Books of Axinn’s poetry include
“Against Gravity” (1986); “The Color of Infinity”
(1990); “Dawn Patrol” (1992); and, “The Latest
Illusion” (1995).

For more information about the seminar,
contact Charlotte Tate of the Middlebury College Geonomics Center
for International Studies at (802) 443-5795.