Middlebury College Appoints David W. Ginevan Executive
Vice President for Facilities Planning

David W. Ginevan, executive vice president and treasurer
of Middlebury College, has been named to the newly created position
of executive vice president for facilities planning, effective
July 1. He will continue to report to Middlebury President John
M. McCardell, Jr. His responsibilities as treasurer will be assumed
by F. Robert Huth, vice president for administration and chief
financial officer. The Middlebury College board of trustees has
named Ginevan treasurer emeritus in recognition of his 16 years
of service managing College finances.

According to McCardell, “In
the next five years, the College will face the most exciting and
challenging of times. The last five years and the next five will
complete a decade with more expansion in it than any other time
in our history. How well we succeed with the projects we undertake
will have profound impact on the College’s future. In my view,
there is only one person capable of performing these tasks, and
doing so with success, and that person is Dave Ginevan.”

In his new position, Ginevan will have a variety
of duties, including the management of a facilities planning team,
which will create, staff, and maintain a “situation room,”
accessible to all, where models of construction projects in various
stages of completion will be on display. He will serve as the
official College authority for the facilities planning and construction
processes, regularly communicating with constituencies on and
off campus, from student groups to architects and construction
firms. He also will be the principal College representative working
with Middlebury town officials.

McCardell commented, “It has become increasingly
clear this year that the oversight and direction of our facilities
plan require the full-time attention of someone who can bring
to so challenging a task an intimate knowledge of the campus,
the physical plant, and the complexities of the permitting process.

“I am grateful to Dave for his willingness to
assume these new duties, and to Bob Huth, to whom, with every
confidence, the financial reins of the College are now handed,”
added McCardell.

Ginevan has been the treasurer of the College for
16 years. He joined the Middlebury College administration in 1973.