Middlebury College Appoints Librarian
for New Science Library — Louise
Zipp to fill post at Armstrong Library in Bicentennial Hall

Louise S. Zipp has recently been appointed
to the position of librarian for the James I. and Carol Aymar
Armstrong Library, the science library located in Middlebury College’s
newly opened academic facility for the sciences, Bicentennial
Hall. The Armstrong Library will support the natural sciences,
geography, and psychology departments.

Zipp received a bachelor’s degree from
Knox College, and a master’s degree in geography at the University
of Iowa, where she has also completed coursework toward a doctorate
in geography. She has served as the botany-chemistry librarian,
and the geology librarian at Iowa. Subsequently, Zipp held the
positions of department head for collection development, and principal
bibliographer for the sciences for the Iowa State University Library.
She received a second master’s degree, in library science, from
the University at Albany, in New York.

Zipp has been a publication contributor
for the Geoscience Information Society, and has edited proceedings
for that organization. A member of the Geological Society of America
and the American Library Association, she has also written for
society and library journals, and served on various university
committees while at Iowa State University. Zipp recently presented
a paper on the information preservation priorities of geologists
and geology librarians at the annual meeting of the Geological
Society of America, Denver, and is now preparing it for publication
in next spring’s issue of Geoscience Information Society Proceedings.

“Ms. Zipp brings to the College
a strong background of library service to the sciences,”
Middlebury College Librarian Ron Rucker said of Zipp’s appointment.
“I am very pleased that she has joined us,” Rucker added.

Zipp comes to Addison County from Ames,
Iowa, and now lives in the town of Middlebury.