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Posted: April 18, 2003


VT - The Middlebury

College Musical Players

(MCMP), a student


dedicated to bringing musical theater productions to campus, will perform


Schwartz’s “Children of Eden” on Friday, April 25, at

8 p.m.; Saturday, April

26, at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.; and Sunday, April 27, at 2 p.m. All performances

will take place at the McCullough Student Center on Old Chapel Road off

South Main Street (Route



plot of the show is based loosely on Old Testament stories, including

the creation story, Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the Garden of

Eden, the conflict

between Cain and Abel, and Noah and his family’s survival of the

flood. Yet, the production focuses on issues that are relevant to all

audience members, whether religious or not. “‘Children of

Eden’ may be based on the first nine chapters of Genesis,”

said actress and Middlebury College junior Erin King, “but the themes

addressed are universal. The story is a funny, moving and honest portrayal

of how these well-known families deal with growing up, accepting responsibility,

and learning that parents aren’t always perfect.”


really excited about this production,” said producer and senior

Teri Chadbourne. “It’s very different from anything we’ve

done before, but it’s a great show and I think it will be well received.”

According to Chadbourne, “Children of Eden” is often referred

to as a rock musical, but it offers a blend of musical genres, from pop

and jazz to gospel, as well as several traditional Broadway-style numbers.

“There are some really touching moments when the orchestra breaks

off and we’re singing eight-part harmony a cappella. It gives us

goose bumps every time. This is the most complex score that I’ve

ever seen in a musical, with a lot of repeating themes that complement

the show’s parallel storylines. It’s a very cleverly constructed

musical that combines a sense of humor with a powerful and universal message,”

added Chadbourne.


27-member cast of “Children of Eden” is the largest in the

Musical Players’ eight-year history. Adam and Eve are played by

sophomore Jake Nicholson and junior Erin King, both of whom had leading

roles in last year’s “How to Succeed in Business Without Really

Trying.” The rest of the cast is a mix of newcomers and veterans

to MCMP. Noah and his wife are played by first-year students Kevin Velez

and Shannon Gmyrek, and the sons of both couples are played by sophomore

Graeme Connell (Abel/Ham) and first-year students Ian Fleishman (Cain/

Japheth) and Adam Beard (Seth/Shem). The wives of Noah’s sons are

played by first-year students Retta Leaphart, Jenny Bemis and Rachel Dunlap.

First-year student Nick Cloutier leads the cast as Father. Junior David

Moan directs the production.


admission is $5, and admission for children, students and seniors is $3.

Tickets are available at the Middlebury Inn or by phone at (802) 443-6138.

All remaining tickets will be sold at the door 45 minutes prior to the

show. Information is also available at (802) 443-6138.