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Sunday, Oct. 2
4 p.m., 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.
Audio Theater: “Psicklops”

Middlebury College will become one of many facilities around the globe presenting Free Matter for the Blind’s dark hypno-drama “Psicklops.” This film of sorts is the first work in a series of radical audio theater recordings under the moniker “Dark Cinema” and though there will be no image, it is meant to be watched in the dark in its entirety. The narrative combines point-of-view vocabulary normally limited to visual-based cinema with the abstract impressionism of audio to produce an effect in which the audience becomes both an outside observer and part of the piece itself. “Psicklops” was conceived as a modern day sequel to Kafka’s “The Trial” and incorporates a multi-textured story using found sounds, guerilla field recordings, studio actors, and experimental electronics. The result is an invitation on a hypnotic journey to a dark world of interrogation, surveillance and modern day capitalism. “Psicklops” is produced by Raphael Lyon and Free Matter for the Blind, a no music label.

Mitchell Green Lounge, McCullough Student Center, Old Chapel Road off South Main Street (Route 30).

Free Admission

For more information, contact student organizer Liz Lyon at elyon@middlebury.edu.