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Monday, Aug. 6
7 p.m.
Warner Hemicycle, Warner Hall, Route 125
Free and open to the public

On Monday, Aug. 6, the French school will present a lecture by international political expert Pascal Perrineau titled “The principal lessons of the 2007 French Presidential Election.” The lecture will be in English.

Perrineau is director of the Centre for Political Research at Sciences Po. (CEVIPOF) in Paris.  His main fields of research are the analysis of electoral behavior and the study of extreme right-wing forces in France and in Europe.  Perrineau also studies developments and changes in the ways ordinary citizens participate in democracy - political activism, voting patterns, and forms of protest - as well as on the development of new political splits beyond the traditional Left/Right split in European societies.

A professor at Sciences Po., Perrineau lectures on political behavior and attitudes and political forces in France and Europe.  He is director of the series “Chroniques électorales” at the Presses de Sciences Po.

Perrineau has spoken at the Association Francaise de Science Politique in Paris, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at the Institute of Political Sciences in Barcelona, and at Oxford University. 

He recently completed a book with Luc Rouban titled “Politics in France and in Europe,” which was published in Paris this year.

For more information, contact Andrew Tourtelotte at the Middlebury College French School at atourtel@middlebury.edu or (802) 443-5526.