The Yaya women’s chorus will perform Saturday, Nov. 3 at McCullough Student Center Social Space.

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Saturday, Nov. 3
9 p.m., McCullough Social Space

Middlebury, Vt — Yaya is a New York City-based women’s collective dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich cultural legacies and African-based musical traditions of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Founded in 2002, Yaya honors the vibrant musical heritage represented in Puerto Rican bomba and Dominican salve traditions through live performances, workshops, and female-led creative ciphers. Recognizing the contributions of women in preserving and transmitting these traditions, Yaya honors the mothers, known as yayas (Creole/Kongo origin), who have helped shape our histories, traditions and legacies of resistance. The program is sponsored by the Middlebury College Office for Institutional Diversity, Women’s and Gender Studies, and Alianza Latinoamericana y Caribeña in conjunction with Wonnacott Commons’ Global Rhythms show.

This performance is free and open to the public. For more information, email Jennifer Herrera or call 802-443-5743.