MIDDLEBURY, Vt.-Two additions to the Middlebury Web site for 2009 are designed to help visitors better understand the importance of diversity at the College, and to provide easier access to news items, videos and other online content.

At the Web site for the Office for Institutional Planning & Diversity (OIPD), you’ll find a link to a new Flash project that offers visitors - in particular, prospective students, faculty and staff - as well as current members of the community a look at what diversity really means at Middlebury. With words, images, video, music, and slide shows, the new site tells the story of the College’s efforts “to make Middlebury a model of what a 21st century liberal arts institution truly should be-a welcoming learning community-and to build and maintain a diverse and inclusive community.” The design and construction of the site was a collaborative effort by OIPD, the Communications Office, and Library & Information Services (LIS). The presentation is also featured at the Admissions Office Web site.

Also new for 2009 is an updated “News Headlines” page, accessible from the home page. The page includes not only the most recent headlines, but also links to event schedules, College-related videos, blogs by students, faculty and administrators, other online sources of news from on and off campus, and even the local weather. This site was also a collaborative effort, among LIS, Public Affairs, and Communications.

If you have questions about either of these projects, please e-mail the Office of Interactive Communications.