As part of a weeklong series for the Washington Post on immigration in Europe, Erik Bleich, professor of political science, reflects on some positive trends in Muslim immigration in Europe. “It is important to take stock of successes where they exist,” writes Bleich. “Doing so provides examples of public policies, private choices, judicial outcomes, and individual attitudes that can temper the notion that Muslim integration is an insurmountable problem.”

“Don’t Like That Israel Has the Bomb? Blame Nixon.” Avner Cohen, professor of nonproliferation studies at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, wrote an opinion piece with William Burr for Foreign Policy magazine arguing that the Nixon White House looked the other way while Israel built the Middle East’s first nuclear weapons.
In an opinion piece for The Chronicle of Higher Education, Associate Professor of Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies Laurie Essig says that California’s new affirmative consent law doesn’t sit well with her. “ ‘Yes means yes’ is another case of politics making strange bedfellows. Feminists work hard to show that the state is both racist and sexist, and yet some feminists imagine that very same state making the world a safer place for them.”