Slide Show

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. — Old Stone Mill and Annex, Middlebury’s haven for non-academic creative ventures, hosted its annual showcase last week featuring many of the 100 student projects underway. The building, just a short walk from campus along the banks of Otter Creek, provides space for students who wish to pursue projects outside their regular academic life at Middlebury. The student-driven projects range from business start-ups to construction to visual and performing arts. All are self-designed.

On a beautiful spring evening, some of the projects on display included a popular student band that was working to produce its first album; a watercolorist honing his skill and creating greeting cards; a student refining his craft beer brewing skills; and a student planning a 12-city national tour in a remodeled school bus as part of The Future Project, which aims to inspire youth success in struggling communities.

Old Stone Mill is part of Middlebury’s Programs on Creativity and Innovation.

With reporting by Stephen Diehl; Photos by Todd Balfour