MIDDLEBURY, VT — Forbes has debuted a new list of colleges touted for their entrepreneurial programs, and Middlebury has landed very close to the top. In its list of “America’s Most Entrepreneurial Colleges 2015,” Forbes ranks Middlebury second out of 50, just behind first-place Cooper Union. In the past, Forbes has ranked universities that support entrepreneurism, but the new list recognizes a growing trend among liberal arts colleges.

“Top research universities aren’t the only startup launchpads,” writes Liyan Chen. “The Cooper Union, which tops our Most Entrepreneurial College List this year, boasts more founders and owners among alumni and students on LinkedIn than Stanford University and MIT (adjusted for student body size). Middlebury, which ranks second on our list, is one of many small liberal arts colleges reinventing themselves as modern-day startup incubators.”

In a related article, Chen features Middlebury alumna Emily Nunez Cavness ’12, who, with her sister Betsy, launched the company Sword and Plough, which recycles surplus military materials into stylish handbags, tote bags, and other items. Cavness credits her work with Middlebury’s Center for Social Entrepreneurship for the success of the company, noting that without that support, “Sword & Plough would have remained just another interesting idea rather than an exciting reality.”

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