MIDDLEBURY, Vt. — On January 1, 2017, Middlebury is changing its third-party administrator for medical, dental, and prescription benefits, and the new administrator — Cigna — will have representatives on campus this fall to answer questions.

Cigna will conduct one-on-one meetings in Middlebury and Monterey in September and October, followed by open group sessions in November.

To schedule a private, 20-minute appointment with a Cigna representative, use the online form for Middlebury or Monterey. The dates for the open sessions on both campuses have been posted as November 1, 3, 8, and 10, with specific times and locations to be announced.

Middlebury’s Office of Human Resources has posted the following questions and answers in anticipation of the change from CBABlue to Cigna:

When will we be making the switch?

Cigna will start administering Middlebury’s health plan effect January 1st, 2017.

What action do I need to take now?

No action needed…yet. Please continue to keep your eyes on our benefits newsletter for Cigna education materials. Things like network information, prescription formulary, mail order pharmacy and mobile app demonstrations will be coming soon.

How do I know if my provider is in-network?

In the meantime, you may be curious if your current provider is in the new, National Cigna network. For both medical and dental providers, Cigna has tools that you can use in order to verify that your provider is in the network.

  1. You can go to Cigna.com (pre or post 1/1/17) and click on “Find a doctor”
    • Then select, “For plans offered through work or school”
    • Enter your provider’s location
    • Select the medical plan by clicking “Pick” then, PPO, “PPO, Choice Fund PPO”
    • Enter the name of your provider into the “looking for” search box
    • Click search. If your provider comes up, he/she is in the network
  2. You can log on to MyCigna.com (post 1/1/17)
    • Click on Find a Doctor/Dentist
    • Enter in your providers name and location
    • If your provider comes up, he/she is in the network!

What do I do if my provider is not in the network?

There will be several options. First, you can nominate your provider to join the Cigna network (see “Nominate a Provider” article, also in this edition of MiddPoints) or by making an appointment with the Cigna representative onsite at Middlebury or Monterey and bringing your healthcare provider contact information. Or you can continue to see your current provider using out-of-network benefits, or watch for additional information on “transition of care” later this fall.

What do I need to do on 1/1/17?

We are known for our online consumer tools! In order to make the process easier and as seamless as possible, please logon and register on mycigna.com. Once you have created a user name and password, use your smartphone to download the free mobile app from your Android or IOS App Store. You can use the same login information that you created for mycigna.com on the mobile app.

I have a doctor’s appointment on 1/1/17, and I need my ID card. What do I do?

You will be receiving ID cards in the mail. However, if you are traveling or haven’t checked the mail in a bit, and you need it for an appointment, you can either:

Print off a temporary ID card on mycigna.com, or access your ID card on the Mobile App. This ID card can be scanned/used right off your smart phone!

I need a prescription refill on 1/1/17, what do I do?

You will be active in Cigna’s system for medical, dental, & pharmacy on 1/1/17. You will be able to obtain prescriptions at your retail provider as you would normally (using the card you received in the mail), or simply access your ID card on our mobile app or print off a copy from MyCigna.com

Should I refill my prescription with CBA Blue before 1/1/17?

Yes, our recommendation is, if you have a refill coming up, that you refill your prescription before 1/1/17. This way, you will have an ample supply of your medication on hand before the transition.