MIDDLEBURY, Vt. – The Rose Bowl, Camp Randall Stadium, Buckeye Grove, and…Youngman Field. That’s right, and it may be the only time you see Middlebury’s football venue mentioned alongside the country’s most iconic college stadiums, but a new list, “The Most Amazing College Stadium in Every State,” gives Middlebury its due.

Generated by the website Sports Management Degrees, the list describes what Panther fans have known for a long time–Youngman Field is simply one of the most spectacular locations to watch a sporting event.

As Vermont’s representative in the 50-stadium tour, Youngman is hailed as one of the best settings in all of New England for sports.

“What it lacks in size it easily makes up in beauty,” notes the write-up. “The stadium, which is the home field for Middlebury’s football and lacrosse teams, is set into the ground with hillsides surrounding the field and providing a perfect alternative place to watch a game — perhaps with a picnic in tow. From these same hillsides, spectators can enjoy stunning views of Middlebury’s other outdoor facilities as well as the Green Mountains.”

So really, who needs the Rose Bowl?