Statement from Middlebury College

We can confirm that the Middlebury College Republicans, a registered student organization, has invited Charles Murray to speak on campus on March 31 at 4:30 pm to discuss his upcoming book, Human Diversity: The Biology of Gender, Race, and Class.

The event host (Middlebury College Republicans) and their advisor, former Vermont Governor Jim Douglas, are working with Middlebury’s Event Policy Committee. Many of the event details and logistics are still being discussed.

Each year Middlebury hosts nearly 300 speakers who come to campus from across the country and around the world, invited either directly by the institution, by its faculty, or by its registered student organizations. Speakers discuss a variety of topics, from politics and physics to entrepreneurship and religion.

With each event, we are committed to providing a forum in which the Middlebury community can engage in a thoughtful, rigorous, and respectful manner. We also recognize the value of nonviolent public protest and demonstration and believe that activism that enables community members to publicly display their concerns, values, and aspirations is also a critical component of our commitment to open expression.

At no time should our protection of open expression—either by providing a forum or allowing nonviolent public demonstrations—be interpreted as approval or endorsement of the views expressed.