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Middlebury College issues health advisory following student death

February 3, 2004

MIDDLEBURY, Vt.-On Monday, Feb. 2, Middlebury College students, faculty and staff received a health advisory from College Physician Mark Peluso and several administrators regarding a case of meningococcal disease.  Recent Middlebury College graduate Jason Fleishman died from the disease on Sunday, Feb. 1.  He had participated in the ski-down celebration at the Middlebury College Snow Bowl for mid-year graduates on Saturday, Jan. 31.

The advisory states that meningococcal disease is a bacterial infection and that the disease's transmission is limited to those who have close contact with the infected individual.  The message includes a definition of the condition, symptoms, and recommendations about seeking medical treatment depending on a person's exposure to Fleishman.  The advisory is posted on the College Web site at /health_info/health/.  Other sources of information about the disease, including the Vermont Department of Health (, are also listed. 

According to Associate Dean of Faculty Tim Spears, the College is taking precautions to identify anyone who came in direct contact with Fleishman during the past week.  Peluso has also been working in close consultation with the Vermont Department of Health.  

Fleishman, who was from Vail, Colo., was involved in a variety of College activities?he was a member of the Middlebury College Snow Bowl Ski Patrol and served on the Vermont Epilepsy Foundation as a member of its board.  Middlebury College President John M. McCardell Jr. informed the College community about Fleishman's death in an e-mail message on the morning of Monday, Feb. 2, and stated, "The loss of this energetic, caring, compassionate young man will be mourned by all of us who had the privilege to know him." 

College officials are planning a memorial service for Fleishman that will be held on the Middlebury College campus later in February.

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