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February 5, 1999

New Movie, "Bury the Evidence," to Premiere at Middlebury College on Feb. 18

Director J. Greg De Felice Will Attend Screening

"Bury the Evidence," directed by J. Greg De Felice, will premiere at Middlebury College at 7 p.m. on Feb. 18 in the Sunderland Language Center's Dana Auditorium on College Street (Route 125). The showing is free and open to the public.

Awarded Best Feature at the 1998 Micro Cine Fest in Baltimore, Md., "Bury the Evidence" stars Andrew Elvis Miller as the man who is left alone in an apartment with only a list of tasks to complete. Executing them to the satisfaction of his taskmaster becomes more and more challenging as the protagonist is confronted by an increasingly surreal series of obstacles preventing him from accomplishing his mission. As much as he would like to ignore the various goings-on around him, the man ends up seduced, entertained, trained, educated, injured, healed, interrogated, judged, humiliated and tortured as he struggles for his own survival.

De Felice is director-in-residence at MEANSTREET in New York City. He was co-founder of The Living Edge Theatre Company in Los Angeles and of the original comedy troupe Nothing Sacred. He studied theater at the University of Southern California, and shortly thereafter took a position as director's assistant on the television series "Dynasty."

"Bury the Evidence" is part of the line-up for the Spring 99 flixtour PREMIERES, a national independent film tour. It is to be screened with the short films "Solid Action Love Partner" and "Ring Ring You're Dead."

This one-night cinematic event includes commercial spots from flixtour sponsors, the screening of three new, exciting independent films, and ends with a question and answer session with director De Felice. The audience will receive free samples from sponsors, and will also have the opportunity to win door prizes.

For more information, contact Eve Coronado at 802-443-6276.

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