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Senior Leadership

** Denotes members of the President’s Cabinet

Jeff Cason

Jeff Cason **

Executive Vice President and Provost

Phone: 802-443-5745
Office Location: Old Chapel 202

Nicole Curvin

Nicole Curvin

Dean of Admissions

Phone: 802-443-3000 
Office Location: Emma Willard House 208

Jeffrey Dayton-Johnson

Jeffrey Dayton-Johnson

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dean of the Middlebury Institute

Phone: 831-647-4647
Office Location: Segal Building

Miguel Fernández

Miguel Fernández '85 **

Chief Diversity Officer
Professor of Luso-Hispanic Studies

Phone: 802-443-5792
Office Location: Carr Hall 103

Colleen Fitzpatrick

Colleen Fitzpatrick **

Vice President for Advancement

Phone: 802-443-3177
Office Location: 700 Exchange Street 129

David Gibson

David Gibson **

Vice President for Communications
Chief Marketing Officer

Phone: 802-443-5834 
Office Location: Old Chapel 105

Vijay Menta

Vijay Menta

Associate Vice President
Chief Information Officer

Phone: 802-443-2929
Office Location: Davis Family Library 116

Sujata Moorti

Sujata Moorti **

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dean of Faculty
Charles A. Dana Professor of Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies

Phone: 802-443-5735 
Office Location: Old Chapel 207

David Provost

David J. Provost **

Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration

Phone: 802-443-5699
Office Location: Old Chapel 102

Susan Parsons Ritter ‘83

Susan Parsons Ritter ‘83 **

Special Assistant to the President
Associate Secretary of the Corporation
Director of Community Relations

Phone: 802-443-3289
Office Location: Old Chapel 303

Hannah Ross

Hannah S. Ross **

General Counsel and Chief of Staff
Secretary of the Corporation

Phone: 802-443-5229
Office Location: Old Chapel 401

Stephen Snyder

Stephen Snyder

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dean of Language Schools
Kawashima Professor of Japanese Studies

Phone: 802-443-5979
Office Location: Sunderland Language Center 209

Carlos Velez

Carlos Velez

Dean of International Programs
Professor of Psychology

Phone: 802-443-5035
Office Location: Sunderland Language Center 125