Registration Information

Winter Term 2020 registration will take place November 4 - 6.  Access to on-line registration is dependent on the number of credits earned or in progress. Note: Your status for Winter Term registration assumes the successful completion of Fall 2018 courses, but does not include credit earned through testing such as AP and IB. After Winter Term registration, your status will be calculated again for Spring registration. Registration details are available at

Students with 7-16.99 credits earned or in progress register on the first day of Winter Term (WT) registration. Students with 3-6.99 credits earned or in progress register on day two. Students who have 17-36+ credits earned or in progress register on day three of Winter Term registration.

Online registration for Winter Term continues in BannerWeb through November 15.

Winter Term (WT) Calendar

Oct. 24, Thursday:  WT course catalog & schedule available on the Web.

Oct. 25, Friday: Deadline to apply to departments for approval-required courses.

Nov. 4, Monday:  WT registration begins for students who have earned 7-16.99 credits by the end of Fall ’19.

Nov. 5, Tuesday:  WT registration begins for students who have earned 3-6.99 credits by the end of Fall ’19.

Nov. 6, Wednesday: WT registration begins for students who have earned 17–36+ credits by the end of Fall ’19.

Nov. 15, Thursday: On-line registration closes at 5:00 p.m.; add cards can be used until Jan. 8, 2020.

        Registration opens for each new registration window at 7:00 a.m. Eastern/Vermont Time. You may also register for non-credit PHED classes during Winter Term. Refer to for more information.

Dec. 1, Sunday: Deadline to apply for Internships for credit.

Jan. 6, Monday: WT begins. 

Jan. 8, Wednesday: Add/Drop Period ends.


  • If you wish to take an approval-required course, including senior theses, you must obtain approval from the appropriate department by October 25.
  • Requests for independent projects are ongoing until the Add deadline.
  • Once approved, as noted above, you MUST register in BannerWeb to enroll in the course, senior thesis, or independent project.

Registration Procedure

A. Prepare to register

  1. Review the Winter Term Catalog.
  2. Identify courses that interest you.
  3. Select your top choices.
  4. Note the five-digit Course Reference Number (CRN) of your selections.  The CRN is used to register.
  5. Read detailed information about BannerWeb registration on the Registrar’s Office Web page.

B.   To access the BannerWeb Registration

  1. From Middlebury College’s home page, <>, go to“BannerWeb" under the Quick Links Menu at the bottom of the page.
  2. Select the "Student Records & Registration" link.
  3. Select the "Registration" link.
  4. Select the "Register or Add / Drop Classes" link.
  5. You will be prompted to enter the term for which you wish to add courses (i.e., register).
  6. Select "Winter 2020".
  7. Enter/Add the CRN for your first choice course.  If there are multiple sections for the course (i.e., lecture and lab) you will need to enter the CRN for each section of the course.
  8. Select "Submit Changes" to register for the course.
  9. Confirm that your course status = "Registered" before exiting BannerWeb.
  10. If you receive an error message or course closed message, select another CRN or attempt to rectify the error and then Submit Changes and confirm course status = "Registered" before exiting BannerWeb.