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Activism & Outreach

Students, faculty and staff at Chellis House are involved in activist causes and community outreach. Some of the activities of the past few years include raising awareness about domestic and sexual violence, highlighting the situation of women worldwide, and, on a local level, mentoring middle school girls from Addison County.

Chellis House works in close cooperation with the following student groups: Feminist Action at Middlebury (FAM), Women of Color (WOC), Queers and Allies (Q&A), It Happens Here (IHH), Friends of Elm Street, Brother to Brother (BTB), and the Sister-to-Sister (STS) Program.

If you would like to schedule Chellis House for your student group meeting, please contact director, Karin Hanta.

Program in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies

Chellis House Women's Resource Center
56 Hillcrest Road
Middlebury College
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