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Feminist of the Year Award

The Feminist of the Year Award is given out annually to people who have made significant activist contributions on campus that raise awareness about gender issues.

Candidates can be nominated in three categories: faculty, staff, and students.


In the past, winners have included FAM presidents Elizabeth Brookbank and Lauren Curatolo, Sister-to-Sister mentors Gail Smith and Liane Barrera, gender theory experts Laurie Essig, Sujata Moorti, Linda White, and Kamakshi Murti, Director of Health and Wellness Education Jyoti Daniere, Human Resources Director Drew Macan, Professor of French and African Studies Armelle Crouzières-Ingenthron, Professor of German and former Dean of Institutional Diversity Roman Graf. Award recipients are honored each year in the Gender Sexuality and Feminist Studies & Chellis House picnic in May.

Armelle Crouzières-Ingenthron
Elizabeth Brookbank

Feminist of the Year 2016

(From left to right: J. Finley, Rebecca Coates-Finke, Chi Chi Chang; winners not pictured Elizabeth Dunn & Carter Curran)

Feminist of the Year 2015


The 2015 Nominees


The 2015 Winners

(From right) Molly McShane, Michelle Peng, Maddie Orcutt, Anson Koch-Rein, Mez Baker Medard and Sandra King.

Full house

Feminist of the Year 2014

Student feminists and friends celebrating at the 2014 event.
Students, faculty and staff Feminist of the year nominees. Barbara McCall, Marian Anderson, Rebecca Crochiere, Luke Carroll Brown, Suzanne Gurland, Roberto Lint-Sagarena, Shannon Bohler-Small, Alex Strott, Maddie Orcutt, Lily Andrews, Angie Walker, Sade Williams, and Veronica Coates (from left to right, back to front)

Feminist of the Year 2013


Recipients of the Feminist Award Celebrate.


It was a full house as students, faculty and staff came together to celebrate each others' work to advance feminist causes on campus.

Feminist of the Year - 2012

From left to right:

Nominee Olivia French ’14, co-president of Feminist Action at Middlebury. Nominee Jessie Tibbs-Tacke ’14, co-president of Feminist Action at Middlebury. Nominee Emily Pedowitz ’14, co-organizer of "It Happens Here." Winner Luke Carroll Brown ’13, co-organizer of "It Happens Here." Winner Maria Hatjigeorgiou, head of Ross Commons, visiting professor of Religion. Winner Tabasum Wolayat ’12, member of the Afghan organization Young Women for Change. Kaye-Lani Laughna, International Student and Scholar Advisor.

JoAnn Brewer, Coordinator, Center for Teaching/ Learning/ Research with Tabasum Wolayat

Program in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies

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