COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Axinn Center for the Humanities Research Seminar, 2020-21

Call for Proposals - Deadline: June 18, 2020

The Axinn Center for the Humanities is delighted to announce its inaugural Humanities Faculty Research Seminar, designed to help support faculty as they pursue their research projects, and to create collaboration and community around those projects. The Seminar will begin in September 2020 and continue throughout the academic year, meeting a minimum of once per month. A Humanities faculty research seminar has been a robust part of Humanities centers across the country, particularly at other liberal arts institutions, and we are thrilled to launch its iteration at Middlebury.

In collaboration with the Humanities Steering Committee, we have chosen the following theme for the Seminar next year: "Crisis, Catastrophe, and Recovery."  We think this theme is capacious enough to include many aspects of Humanities study, including trauma studies; religious studies; historical, literary, or philosophical analyses of conflicts, medical emergencies, or natural disasters; economic history, and many other topics. We welcome applications addressing many different aspects of this theme.

Seminar participants will each work on some piece of scholarship connected to the topic--an article, book chapter, or other defined scholarly product. The Seminar leader will develop a rough outline of thematic connections to be explored under this rubric, along with a short bibliography. Participants will also be asked to share ideas for readings as the bibliography is finalized in late summer. The Seminar will then convene at least monthly, following an agreed upon schedule of readings and/or short presentations along with discussion. We are happy to share that Christopher Star (Classics) has agreed to serve as this year’s Seminar leader. An expert on late Roman Republic and early Roman Empire, he has been working on a book manuscript focused on apocalyptic and eschatological thought in the ancient Mediterranean world.

Next year’s budget allows us to offer a stipend of $1000 for each faculty participant in the Seminar, and we expect to appoint up to six participants per year, excluding the leader. For the additional work they will put in organizing, coordinating, and tracking the progress of this research group, the Seminar leader will receive a $1,200 stipend. At some mutually agreed upon point, likely in Fall 2021, the participants will share their work with a wider audience, either in a panel of presentations and/or series of readings.

If you're interested in participating, please send a brief description of your project (approximately 300 words), along with your scholarship target--is this an article, chapter or part-chapter, creative project of some kind, etc.--by June 18th

Please email your responses to Febe Armanios and Marion Wells


Co-Director of the Axinn Center for the Humanities
Febe Armanios
Axinn Center at Starr Library Office: 340

Co-Director of the Axinn Center for the Humanities
Marion Wells
Axinn Center at Starr Library Office: 313

Coordinator for the Axinn Center for the Humanities
Mirjam Brett
Mahaney Arts Center
Office: 332