Middlebury College Web Archives

The Middlebury College Web Archive collects Web-based projects created by faculty and students, websites, blogs, and social media by members of the Midd community, student organization websites, and materials donated to Special Collections and Archives.

Students and faculty are encouraged to submit URLs for websites, blogs, and social media presences to Special Collections for inclusion in the archive. 

For more information about Special Collections' web archiving, please contact Patrick Wallace at pwallace@middlebury.edu.

Note: The Web preservation work undertaken by Special Collections uses the same systems that underlie the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, and many sites and documents included in - or linked from - the Middlebury Web Archive can also be found there.

Faculty Projects Web Archive

The Faculty Projects Web Archive aims to preserve and ensure future accessibility to a wide array of Web-based research and special projects created by our faculty members.  We strongly encourage Middlebury faculty to email Special Collections and Archives and set up an appointment to discuss preserving their Web-based scholarship.

Middlebury College Community Web Archive

Websites, blogs, and social media feeds representing conversation and activity surrounding - but not necessarily endorsed by - Middlebury College.

From the lighter side of student life, to deep critical engagements with campus culture, to moving personal narratives, this transinstitutional collection is intended to document life at Middlebury outside the official channels of communication, to archive diverse points of view and student activities, and to create a historical record of dynamic and engaging discussions that define our collective experience at Middlebury College.

Vermont Freedom to Marry Web Archive

This collection explores the Web presence of Vermont Freedom to Marry (VFM), a non-profit volunteer organization that successfully led efforts to secure same-sex couples' the freedom to marry in Vermont.  Vermont Freedom to Marry continued to promote marriage equality nationally and internationally until 2015 when the organization ceased operation and generously donated their records to Middlebury College Special Collections and Archives, including both print and Web-based resources spanning twenty years.