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The Institutional Review Board exists as a standing committee. It consists of at least five members, including:

  • a member of the Psychology Department
  • a member of the Sociology-Anthropology Department
  • a member whose primary concerns are in non-scientific areas
  • a representative of the public from the local community who does not have active ties to the College or to the organization sponsoring the research
  • an administrator (ex officio)

The chair of the committee is appointed by the administration of the College. The community  representative is invited by the Dean of the Faculty to serve on a yearly basis. The community member may serve as many consecutive terms as he or she is invited to and willing to serve.

The members of the IRB for 2020-21 are:

  • Sayaka Abe, Japanese Studies
  • Netta Avineri, MIIS GSTILE, TESOL/TFL
  • Brandon Baird, Luso-Hispanic Studies & Linguistics 
  • Marcia Collaer, Psychology
  • Katie Gillespie, (IRB Administrator) Sciences Technical Support Services
  • Sharad Joshi - MIIS GSIPM, Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies
  • Jim Ralph, Dean of Faculty Development & Research (ex officio)
  • Andrea Robbett, (Chair) Economics 
  • Michael J. Sheridan, Anthropology 
  • Bonnie Stevens, Community Member

The IRB Administrator is Katie Gillespie. The IRB Chair is Andrea Robbett.