1. Responsibility and Authority for Chemical Hygiene


1.1 Chief Executive Officer

The President of Middlebury College has ultimate responsibility for the safety and health of faculty, staff, and students working at the College, and is committed to providing ongoing support for chemical hygiene and for the policies and practices described in this Plan.

1.2 Safety Coordinator

The Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator is Jennifer Kazmierczak, Assistant Treasurer's Office, 161 Adirondack View, ext. 5726.

The Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator is responsible for overseeing policies and practices related to safety and health at the College, and works with program administrators to ensure implementation of appropriate safety measures, including chemical hygiene and proper use of personal protective equipment.

1.3 Director, Sciences Support Services

The Director of Sciences Support Services is Timothy Wickland, Bicentennial Hall 333, ext. 5421.

The Director of Sciences Support Services has the responsibility and the authority to ensure that the Chemical Hygiene Plan is written, updated, and implemented in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.1450. The Director will either serve as or will appoint the Chemical Hygiene Officer in accordance with the requirements of this section.

1.4 Chemical Hygiene Officer

The Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO) is an employee designated by the College who is qualified by training or experience to provide technical guidance in the development and implementation of the provisions of Chemical Hygiene Plan. The CHO shall:

•Work with administrators, faculty, and other employees to develop and implement appropriate chemical hygiene policies and practices;

•Monitor policies and procedures for procurement, use, and disposal of chemicals in the lab;

•Assist faculty and supervisors in determining that facilities, precautions, training programs, and personal protective equipment are adequate for the chemicals in use;

•Maintain current knowledge concerning the legal requirements of regulated substances in the laboratory; and

•Review and update the Chemical Hygiene Plan on an annual basis.

1.5 Chemical Safety Committee

The Chemical Safety Committee shall consist of the Chairs of the departments of Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Geology, and Physics, or his/her respective designee, plus the CHO, Director of Sciences Support Services, and the Laboratory Stores Manager. The Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator shall be a member ex officio.

The Chemical Safety Committee shall:

•meet periodically to discuss safety concerns and reassess safety policies and procedures, as may be necessary;

•have its members serve as liaisons to their respective departments on safety matters; and

•work with the CHO to update and improve the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

1.6 Laboratory Employees and Students

Faculty, laboratory staff, and students are, with the training, education, and resources provided by their supervisor, individually responsible for planning and conducting each laboratory operation in accordance with the Chemical Hygiene Plan, and for developing good personal chemical hygiene habits to minimize personal and coworker exposure to hazardous materials. In this Plan, the word “employee” refers to paid employees of the College, including work-study students; the word “worker” refers to all laboratory personnel, including students. Also, for the purposes of this Plan, faculty are considered to be the supervisors of their students.