7. Employee Information and Training

7.1 Hazard Information

Information on the general principles of chemical hygiene and Middlebury College’s Chemical Hygiene Plan will be disseminated annually by the Chemical Hygiene Officer or the Laboratory Stores Manager. The latest version of the Chemical Hygiene Plan will be posted on the College’s website, with hard copies made available to users upon request.

7.2 Training

Training on the safe use of laboratory chemicals shall include methods of detecting the presence of a hazardous chemical, physical and health hazards of chemicals in the lab, and measures lab personnel can take to protect themselves from these hazards.

• All laboratory personnel will be instructed by their supervisors on the hazards presented by the specific chemicals in use in the laboratory in which they work. Each person is to receive training at the time of initial assignment to the laboratory and prior to any assignments that involve new exposure situations. Training for students shall be conducted by faculty.

• The training shall include discussion of:

– The provisions of the OSHA Laboratory Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1450.

– The location and availability of the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

– Signs and symptoms associated with exposure to the chemicals present in the laboratory.

– Standard operating procedures from the Chemical Hygiene Plan and other sources that are relevant to each individual’s work in the laboratory.

– The permissible exposure limits for OSHA-regulated substances or recommended exposure values for other hazardous chemicals not regulated by OSHA that are present in the lab.

– Location and availability of appropriate reference materials on chemical hygiene and lab safety.