8. Medical Consultations and Examinations

8.1 Opportunity to Receive Medical Attention

An opportunity to receive medical attention is available to all employees who work with hazardous chemicals in the laboratory, under the following circumstances:

• Whenever an employee develops signs or symptoms associated with a hazardous chemical to which the employee may have been exposed in the laboratory;

• Whenever an event takes place in the laboratory such as a spill, leak, explosion or other occurrence resulting in the likelihood of a hazardous exposure the employee will be provided an opportunity for medical consultation for the purpose of determining the need for a medical examination; and/or

• When a medical surveillance program is established after exposure monitoring reveals an exposure level routinely above the action level for an OSHA-regulated substance which has exposure-monitoring and medical surveillance requirements.

8.2 Cost of Required Medical Consultations and Examinations

Cost of any required medical consultations and examinations will be borne by Middlebury College.

8.3 Administration of Medical Consultations and Examinations

All required medical consultations and examinations shall be administered by or under the direct supervision of a licensed physician.

8.4 Information Provided to Physician

The College will provide the physician with the identity of the chemical(s) to which the employee may have been exposed, including, upon request, a copy of the MSDS; the conditions under which the exposure occurred; and any symptoms of exposure that the employee is experiencing.

8.5 Physician’s Written Opinion

The College shall obtain a written opinion from the examining physician that includes the results of the examination, recommendations for further medical follow-up, identification of any medical condition which may place the employee at increased risk due to exposure to a hazardous chemical in the workplace, and a statement that the employee has been informed of the results and of any further required examination or treatment.