6. Unattended Operations

When laboratory operations are performed that will be unattended by laboratory personnel (continuous operations or distillations, overnight reactions, etc.), the following procedures shall be employed:

  • The supervisor shall review work procedures to ensure the safe completion of the operation.
  • If the operation involves flammable or other hazardous materials, or a hazardous process, a sign is to be posted at all entrances to the laboratory describing the operation, chemicals in use, and any associated hazards; and will include the telephone numbers of theĀ supervisor and other laboratory personnel, with the assurance that at least one responsible individual will always be reachable via one of the numbers.
  • Provision must be made for the safe automatic shutdown of any hazardous operation in the event of any interruption to utility services (loss of water pressure, electricity, etc.) or other foreseeable disruption that may occur during the unattended operation.