McCardell Bicentennial Hall keys and card-swipe access are issued by Cathy Ekstrom in MBH 330.

Faculty and staff who have offices or labs within the building are provided with keys enabling them to access needed spaces. Typically, these will include a departmental submaster, which, in addition to unlocking departmental spaces, will also open the building's copier room (621) and the liquid nitrogen and supplementary cylinder gas storage closets on the first floor. Faculty and staff are also automatically added to the building's card swipe system.

Student keys and building access must be authorized by a faculty member.




Unlike other campus buildings that offer proximity card access, the MBH system requires users to swipe their MiddCards in the card reader slot located adjacent to the doorway.

Card readers are located at the east and west building entrances as well as at the loading dock and basement entrances. Student card swipe access is limited to the east and west entrances only.