The Sciences Technical Support Services department provides support for the occupants of McCardell Bicentennial Hall in many vital areas.

STSS staff are actively engaged in training and development to ensure that they remain up-to-date in their respective fields, and work closely with faculty to ensure that the work we perform optimally benefits the academic program.

Building support services

Tim Wickland, Director of Sciences Support Services, and Cathy Ekstrom, STSS Administrative Program Coordinator, oversee a variety of direct support services such as issuing building keys, providing card key access to the building, managing shared services such as printers and copiers, overseeing local computer backups, and coordinating various building activities. We serve as the primary interface with Facilities Services (including Custodial Services) and Public Safety, and we work to communicate and resolve issues with other College service departments such as Course Scheduling, Events Management, and ITS.

Animal care

Vicki Major, Animal Care Manager, is the team leader of our animal care staff. Together with Animal Care Technician Alexis Paquette, she is responsible for coordinating animal-related services, support, and assistance to principal investigators and students in both teaching activities and research projects. Both Vicki and Alexis are members of AALAS (the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science), and are certified by AALAS, Vicki as a Registered Laboratory Animal Technician and Alexis as a Registered Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician. Vicki, Alexis, Assistant Animal Care Technicians Warren Fageley and Brittany Young, and On-call Assistant Animal Care Technician Karen Lasnier, are collectively responsible for the ongoing daily care of animals housed in McCardell Bicentennial Hall.

Environmental safety and compliance

Tim Allen is a certified radiation safety technician, providing training, technical support, and emergency services to licensed users of radioactive materials and their students. Tim also oversees biohazardous waste management and disposal. Beth Eliason oversees chemical safety as Chemical Hygiene Officer, and is responsible for many related laboratory safety functions, including hazardous waste accumulation, pickup, and disposal; chemical spill cleanup; management of safety data sheets; and testing eyewash stations. Beth also provides training for faculty, staff, and students on laboratory safety. Tim Wickland is the primary contact person for building safety and serves as the Radiation Safety Officer.

Greenhouse operations

Patti Padua, who has a wide-ranging background in academic and research horticulture, and who operates her own commercial greenhouse and nursery, is responsible for care of botanical specimens and operation of the greenhouses. Patti is a member of AERGC (the Association of Education and Research Greenhouse Curators).

Laboratory and instrument support

Tim Allen, whose degree is in microbiology and molecular genetics, is responsible for management of microorganisms and cell cultures and for reagent and media prep. He oversees operation of the autoclave facility and the laboratory glassware washer, as well as the calibration and monitoring of equipment such as incubators and micropipettors. Jody Smith offers guidance to faculty and students on the operation of various instrument systems, and assists in developing new analytical protocols. Lance Ritchie provides support to physics laboratories in addition to his work with the NMR spectrometer.

Laboratory Stores

Beth Eliason, Laboratory Stores and Safety Manager, oversees operation of the Laboratory Stores; shipping, receiving, and delivery of packages; and materials management within the building, including the organization and operation of the MBH 218 lecture prep room, field equipment storage rooms, and sixth floor storage areas.


Jonathan Kemp, Telescope Specialist, has extensive knowledge of and experience with telescopes, ranging from amateur instruments to some of the most advanced optical and infrared telescope systems in the world. He provides support for astronomy classes and student-faculty research with the 24-inch and other telescopes that comprise the college's observatory, as well as conducting such outreach activities as public viewing nights and programs with local schools. 

Technical Services

The Technical Services group performs such functions as the design and fabrication of scientific apparatus, support and repair of laboratory and field equipment, and software development and implementation for various instruments. While the staff will trade off work on many projects and repairs, each staff member has his area of specialty. Jody Smith, Senior Instrument Technician, provides extensive user support and training for analytical instruments and instrument systems. Tony Desautels, Scientific Machinist, capably fabricates assemblies of plastic, wood, and welded steel, stainless steel and aluminum, in addition to performing precision machining in a variety of materials. Chris Goodrich, Electronic Instrument Technician, is responsible for repairs and maintenance of instruments and equipment, and provides support for the college's research vessel, the R/V Folger, and associated field instrumentation. Lance Ritchie, Senior Laboratory and Instrument Technician, has primary responsibility for the NMR spectrometer.

STSS staff directory





Tim Wickland

Director of Sciences Support Services



Cathy Ekstrom

Administrative Program Coordinator




Tim Allen

Senior Laboratory Technician 361 5729

Tony Desautels

Scientific Machinist 135 5070

Beth Eliason

Laboratory Stores and Safety Manager




Warren Fageley

Assistant Animal Care Technician




Chris Goodrich

Electronic Instrument Technician  135  5420 

Jonathan Kemp

Telescope Specialist



Karen Lasnier

On-call Assistant Animal Care Technician




Vicki Major

Animal Care Manager




Patti Padua

Greenhouse Curator



Alexis Paquette

Animal Care Technician 248 3193

Lance Ritchie

Senior Laboratory and Instrument Technician  510 5643

Jody C. Smith

Senior Instrument Technician



Brittany Young

Assistant Animal Care Technician