ADD and ADHD Exception Form

NCAA Medical Exception Documentation Reporting Form

to Support the Diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

and Treatment with Banned Stimulant Medication

  • Complete and maintain (on file in the athletics department) this form and required documentation supporting the medical need for student-athlete to be treated for ADHD with stimulant medication
  • Submit this form and required documentation to Drug Free Sport in the event the student-athlete tests positive for the banned stimulant (see Drug Testing Exceptions Procedures at www.ncaa.org/drugtesting under Health and Safety.

DISCLAIMER: The National Collegiate Athletic Association shall not be liable or responsible, in any way, for diagnosis or other evaluation made, or exam performed, in connection herewith, or for any subsequent action taken, in whole or in part, in reliance upon accuracy or veracity of the information provided hereunder.