Friends of International Students (FIS) Host Program


  • Are you interested in experiencing life with a U.S. family?
  • Do you wish to experience life outside Middlebury College?
  • Would you like to meet people in the local community?

If so, we invite you to participate in the Friends of International Students (FIS) Host Program. The FIS Host Program matches Middlebury College international students in Vermont with family in the Middlebury area. The program also offers local hosts a chance to learn about another culture. Hosts are not expected to provide students with a place to stay, but rather to invite students to explore life outside the campus. Hosts may be individuals, couples, or extended families. Our hope is that you will form a friendship that will last beyond your first year at the College.

If you are interested in being part of this program, please complete the FIS Student Questionnaire.


What is the Friends of International Student Host Program?
The Friends of International Students (FIS) Host Program offers Middlebury College international students a chance to connect with a local person or family.  It is a friendship program that provides an opportunity for hosts to share the local community with international students through invitations to join the host for a meal, a community event or simply to explore life outside the campus.

Students meet their hosts each October at an informal reception hosted by International Student and Scholar Services.  From that point on, the program is what you and your international student make of it. Some families and students meet weekly, while others meet periodically throughout the year for meals, campus events or holiday celebrations. Our hope is that you will form a friendship that will last far beyond the student's time at Middlebury.

How do I get involved?
Please complete the FIS Host Questionnaire.
In addition, we expect all potential new hosts to attend an information session.  Sessions are held during the summer for October matches, and by appointment for February matches. If you would like to be notified when the sessions are announced, you may send us an email at

Can I ask for a student from a certain country?
While we cannot guarantee that you would be matched with a student from a particular country, we will consider special requests.  All potential hosts will fill out a questionnaire in which they can provide detailed information regarding their interests and expectations.  ISSS will use this information as well as the students' questionnaires to arrange the best matches possible for all involved. 

Where do the students come from?
The incoming class includes over 70 international students from more than 25 countries, including some U.S. students who live abroad. We also match students who are at Middlebury for a year-long exchange program.





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