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Wikileaks Panel Discussion

Murray Dry, Charles A. Dana Professor of Political Science; Jeffrey Lunstead, Diplomat in Residence; Stanley R. Sloan, Visiting Professor; Allison Stanger, Leng Professor of International Politics; And, as moderator, Michael Kraus, Frederick C. Dirks Professor of Political Science
January 5, 2011
"Does WikiLeaks Threaten American Interests?"

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John Hewko

Carnegie Endowment's Democracy and Rule of Law Program
October 8, 2010
"The Future of Foreign Assistance"
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Daniel Varisco

Hofstra University
January 21, 2010
"Reading Beyond Orientalism: Why Polemics Never Really Die"
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Patricia Siplon

St. Michael's College
January 15, 2010
"AIDS Activism at Home and Abroad"
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Dennis McGilvray

University of Colorado at Boulder
October 29, 2009
"Sri Lankan Muslims: Between Ethno-nationalism and the Global Ummah"
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Erik Bleich

Middlebury College
October 16, 2009
"Free Speech or Hate Speech? The Danish Cartoon Controversy in the European Legal Context"
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Tsuneo Akaha

Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS)
October 2, 2009
"Human Security in East Asia: Embracing Global Norms through Regional Cooperation in Human Trafficking, Labor Migration, and HIV/AIDS"
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Phil Oldham '90

Mercy Corps
November 4, 2008
"Finding a Way Forward: Options for Ending the Conflict in Eastern DRC"
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Anne Odom

Hillwood Estate and Museum
April 24, 2009
"Treasure into Tractors: The Selling of Russia's Cultural Heritage, 1918-1938"
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