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Funding Opportunities for Students

The Rohatyn Center is a valuable resource for students seeking financial support for on-campus events; overseas research to write senior theses; and connections to funding opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate study, research, conference attendance, internships, and experiential learning.

"It's really cool as an undergraduate to have the opportunity to do this kind of research, to be able to practice those qualitative and quantitative skills, and to have the access and have the funding." - Benjy Renton ’21

The Rohatyn Center offers students financial support to conduct overseas research through three grants administered by the Center:

  • The RCGA Summer Research Grant provides funding for overseas research for juniors preparing to write senior theses during the summer before senior year.
  • The RCGA Study Abroad Research Grant provides funding for research either during a study abroad program or immediately following the program.
  • The Padma Desai Grants provide funding opportunities for students interested in conducting research or an internship while studying abroad in Russia.

"Finding the right questions to ask and finding the ways to ask them that are culturally-sensitive... The skills and the methods that I practiced will definitely be very useful going forward." - Jack Carew ’20

View the research projects of Spring 2020 Research Grant Recipients here.

Students are also encouraged to apply for funding to bring a speaker to campus. Proposals will be reviewed as they are submitted.

"I went to India for three months to conduct elite interviews for my thesis, which looks into political structural factors like campaign management—what I'm planning on doing once I graduate." - Akhila Roy Chowdhury ’20


The Rohatyn Center intern program offers a unique opportunity to

  • Collaborate closely with faculty members on international and global research
  • Design and implement co-curricular college programming supporting a global focus
  • Explore different fields of research
  • Gain leadership experience serving on the Rohatyn Center's Student Advisory Board

“Getting to be a part of the academic process while interning at the RCGA has made me a stronger student. Seeing the stages of development that the faculty members here go through when coming up with a research question was fascinating, and really showed me how to approach and break down any problem, no matter how large.”
—Greg Treiman ’19, RCGA Intern


For more information, email Charlotte Tate, Associate Director, RCGA, or call at 802.443.5795.