Global Reader

The Rohatyn Student Advisory Board (RSAB) publishes an undergraduate journal, Global Reader, to feature students' incisive papers and research on global issues. 

All volumes of the Global Reader can be accessed digitally via the following links. Hard copies of the most recent edition are available in the Robert A. Jones '59 House. 

Journal Mission

The Global Reader hopes to advance an interdisciplinary understanding of pressing and historical global issues. It will embody this ethos by accepting a wide range of papers. Essays considered will explore the world’s most urgent or historical topics of global interest, such as: migration and trafficking, cybersecurity, millennium development goals, refugees and human rights, politics of freshwater, youth unemployment, food insecurity, global religions, and more. Please note this list is merely suggestive and not exhaustive.

Submission Guidelines:
  • Can include short essays, policy articles, and research papers
  • 100-150 word abstract required in submission
  • 5-15 pages with one inch margins, Times New Roman, 12 point-size font, double spaced in Microsoft Word
  • Must be original work, with quotations and citations properly acknowledged in MLA format.
  • IMPORTANT: Create a separate page at the end of your paper to include your name, graduation year, and email to ensure blind-review evaluation
  • All submissions must be in English
  • Submit to by February 17, 2020