The Power of Ten

Jacob Udell ’12
This year, a group of about 10 students met on Thursday nights in the Jewish Center to discuss modern Jewish philosophy. Reading such thinkers as Abraham Joshua Heschel, Emmanuel Levinas, and Joseph Soloveitchik, allowed us to delve deeply into questions of responsibility, religiosity, and individualism, and we found that speaking personally and authentically about creating meaning in our own lives was an amazing way to spend a weekday evening at Middlebury.

The students who attended the discussions came from all different sorts of backgrounds, which provided great variety and texture to our discussions. Beyond the depth of the actual texts, the conversations offered many opportunities to grow, both with and because of our peers. All in all, the discussion group truly added to the profound ways in which Hillel impacts the Middlebury campus and the quality of student life. We hope the discussion group will develop and expand as Hillel continues to improve the way we serve our community.

Jacob was awarded the Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life’s 2010 Religious Life Innovation Award.