Midd Connection- "12 YEARS A SLAVE"

by Robin Thomas '67 (not verified) at Thu, 06/19/2014 - 11:54am

This was a truly outstanding movie. I saw it twice and was very gratified that it won the Academy Award for Best Picture.
Yes, It is curious why the H.B. Northrup story was omitted from the movie. Perhaps because it would have lengthened the film with purely historic information- i.e. interesting to history buffs and certainly to those with a Middlebury connection, but not necessarily to the movie going public.
While it was vital to include the scene where Simon was rescued and returned to New York by a sympathetic Northerner, perhaps the story of the individual who liberated him may have been considered secondary.
Thanks for above article-so interesting, and will be sure to come see the Northrup paintings next time I visit Middlebury!


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