My concern as an alumnus Class of 1972 is that the nature of the Middlebury Language Schools - my late Mom was a 1943 MA graduate of the Scuola Estiva Italiana - is rooted in the unique New England environment of Middlebury Vermont. Almost every time I mentioned our alma mater during my 36 year career in the US Intelligence Community and Defense Department people would say, "Oh, that's a great language school and a great place in New England" or something like that. I find it hard to believe that one can enjoy the same immersion experience
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in Italian, Arabic or any language in Oakland, California. It certainly is not the unique Middlebury Experience in rural Vermont, as other universities have copied the Middlebury immersion experience. Perhaps our growth in the language realm has been too much of a good thing, as I was told that the reason for this was not enough space on campus.
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by Mark Carolla (not verified)