The Frost film is a lively reminder of that '48 summer when Bill ('42) and I ('44) were re-painting our new-to-us Ripton farmhouse close to the Bread Loaf road -- about a mile south of Frost's summer cottage -- well memorialized in Peter Stanlis's ('42) book about Frost's rich talk with Pete, who had walked him to his cottage -- after Frost's hours of group talk in the Bread Loaf barn (where Pete was part of the kitchen help).. We saw our neighbor often. He always waved when he drove by. No, he didn't stop to chat.
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He no doubt had miles to go before he slept. For me, that chat moment had occurred 5 or 6 years earlier at the Midd Library, where, I remember, a few of us (from Beowulf Brown's English class?) sat on the floor at his feet (actually) as he rambled on in his inimitable voice. The topics are long gone, but the tone, right now, is loud in my head --. this feeling roused by seeing him ambling about his yard, looking so comfortably conversational.
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by Elizabeth Ring ... (not verified)