I certainly remember Phil Latreille and the extraordinary career he had at Middlebury--far and away the most prolific scorer in NCAA history. I kept a scrapbook of the 1960-61 season, news clippings about every Middlebury game. My family had moved from Middlebury to Massachusetts by then, but I managed to see the games at Amherst and Williams. I took a picture of Phil Latreille at Amherst and mailed an 8x10 blowup to Duke Nelson, asking him to ask Phil to autograph it. I got it back a couple of weeks later with Phil's autograph. A
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special memento. Oh, and Phil scored his first of many goals in a 16-1 rout of Amherst at the 7-second mark of the first period on a slap shot from the left point.
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by Lee Person (not verified)