Phil's achievements on the ice speak for themselves. As the record books show, he was a truly rare and remarkable athlete. What they do not show is his humanity and his love for Middlebury. I was fortunate enough to personally know one young man in whom Phil took an interest, and whose life was changed profoundly and permanently for the better by the help, encouragement and support Phil gave him. I know that person pledged to make a similar difference in other peoples' lives, and I have no doubt he has done so many times
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over. Phil was the inspiration and example. I also was fortunate enough many years later to be a seasonal neighbour of Phil's, and was astounded at the frequency and variety of ways he supported Middlebury at every turn. He is as good an ambassador for Middlebury as he was a hockey player, and as the record proves, that means he is simply in a class by himself. Congratulations Phil, and congratulations Middlebury for recognizing and honoring people like this. We are inspired.
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by richard simourd 74 (not verified)