It's truly great to see Middlebury actively promoting efforts to address poverty and inequality in Vermont and across the nation! While the school does a great job preparing students to tackle local, regional, national and global issues, many of my peers went into finance, corporate law or business, rather than into nonprofit, social service or public sector jobs after graduation. Of course I am generalizing here, and I don't mean to judge, since there's nothing wrong with going into any of those fields -- and I also know there are numerous Midd grads doing incredible work to benefit society -- but
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the schools' own research published in a back issue of Middlebury Magazine corroborated these trends. That said, I'm hopeful MiddCORE and the Privilege and Poverty Project will encourage more Middlebury graduates to pursue careers to make our country and the world a better place for all. I would also encourage the school to consider formalizing this into an official field of study, either as a minor or as a concentration under a broader major.
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by Rafael O. Moral... (not verified)