The new design is very professional, and yet academic. I remember the outcry a few years ago over the "leaf" design. I'm glad Middlebury took the time to get input from everyone on this important decision. The only thing that concerns me is the marketing and branding rhetoric that accompanied this change. I understand that Middlebury relies on its image to support its reputation, but it seems like the language they're using is more from the corporate world than the academic. We are not a company of investors, but a company of scholars. It is not naive or foolish to speak
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in the terms of the academic values that are at the core of the very reputation this branding is attempting to solidify. Middlebury has always been a leader in liberal arts education, in language study, in general quality of education... But I'm worried we are also becoming a leader in the ever-increasing corporatization of colleges in the US.
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by Alsoanalum (not verified)