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I applaud the new organization and the tremendous work required for such a performance. However, as a retired life-long teacher & professor, I would urge that future programs intersperse student literary pieces w/ those of the professional journal and be given equal time on-stage. The reception could continue in the same manner. Also, open mic reading nights either in dorms and/or communal spaces encourage those silent wannabe poets and writers (perhaps uneven in talent but each w/ a story to be heard) give courage to all...and are therapeutic as well. Student life is stressful, sometimes lonely, and for those from different
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cultures and environments deserve such a forum. Why not encourage student visual works, ethnic or contemporary dance, rap (really an ancient poetic form), and student art displays. Despite all sincere liberal attempts, our ""melting pot" culture still unconsciously teaches the "other" how to fit into an elite majority (whether indigenous, scholarship VTers, those from the inner city, or from 3rd world cultures.) Midd is environmentally and in many areas so at the forefront of the newest ideas and forward-leaning projects (e.g., your octopus photographer--amazing and amusing.) As I recall, the incomparable and under-appreciated? Arthur Healey left money to have a "pissoir" erected on campus (below the Chapel but definitely on the main campus.) When it appears, my contributions (to the limited extent that I'm able) will reflect his and your generosity and forward thinking. To encourage student appreciation, they might decorate it w/ a student mural. Just imagine: if inner cities and multicultural groups can become communal artists, esp. in Latino/a areas, professors, students and staff might participate as equals, And Arthur Healey, still wearing a dyed carnation to match the day's attire from on high, would feel not only duly honored but incredibly enthusiastic about the future of the arts where he labored with complete inspiration and dedication. How could the same college that was first to replace the Greek system after a heinous sexist, violent symbol triggered the courageous response of integrating coed housing in its place .not be equally forward thinking in regard to the bequeathed memorial? That, as well as an unusually precocious octopus, might just be another positive viral moment. Here's to the future of the arts at Midd and to the same daring, courageous spirit of innovation in realizing them. As critics proclaim, it's not theory but praxis that has lasting value, even in our uncertain rapidly changing global world. Anne R. Higginbottom (OK to share or publish or notify me if I have incorrect info on Arthur Healey's bequest.)
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by Anne Ryan Higgi... (not verified)