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For the record, since the 2005 Israeli unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, there has been no Israeli occupation of Gaza. In 2006 the Hamas terrorist organization took control of Gaza by force from the Palestinian Authority. Hamas has killed far more Palestinians in Gaza than the Israelis have killed in the West Bank. In fact, during last summer's Protective Edge conflict, every month more Muslims were being murdered by other Muslims in the Mideast than the sum total of Muslims killed by Jews in the last 135 years of the modern Zionist movement. I
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am not a supporter of the continued occupation in the West Bank, but there may not be a better alternative considering Hamas' refusal to recognize the State of Israel and its intentions to end not only the occupation of the West Bank, but the Jewish presence in Israel as well. Perhaps instead of living with Palestinians in northern Israel, Mr. Rothman-Zecher should spend some time with Israeli Jews under constant missile attacks by Hamas militants from Gaza.
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by Eric Maltzman (not verified)