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The charges against Israel by an Israeli citizen living outside Israel are typical of emigrants who find criticisms of their country of birth as a rationalization for their living elsewhere. As an alumnus who has been living in Israel for more than 20 years I am incensed by these false charges and misrepresentations apparently unanswered by a representative of Israel following Rothman's tirade. Israel is surrounded by Arab states and Muslim terrorists who in no uncertain terms state that their objective is to destroy the State of Israel and kill every Jew living in it. Israel has
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every right to defend its homeland of 4,000 years. It is a vibrant, creative, and dynamic society tolerant of it Arab citizens, gays, and peoples of all religions. The head of the elections bureau in today's election is an Arab judge. I invite the Middlebury community to visit Israel and see for yourself.
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by David Schwartz ... (not verified)